Another Season of Sailing

Happy, happy Tuesday!

I’m back on Batland and apparently that gets me back in the hang of writing blogs every week! For a little while there, I was only writing every other week due to work and spending time with family, etc. BUT! We’re back and floating on Batland so life feels like there’s a bit more to report!

This past week was lovely. We settled into our floating home, feeling like we’re back where we belong. It wasn’t a seamless transition, after all, it is nice to have a bigger kitchen and different rooms to spend time in, but we’re still over the moon to be here. 

We got our first Klassic donuts of the year, which made a normal old Wednesday feel brand new. We spent time with our friend, Katy, at the symphony and ate way too much beforehand – so much so that some of us had a hard time staying awake (but I won’t name names haha). Buoy has had a few beach walks since being back. She has rolled in the sand and run through the waves, so she’s feeling back at home as well.

Steve filled our propane tanks while I did some grocery shopping, so the galley is stocked and has been used many times now. Homemade lattes have been made, blueberry muffins, mac and cheese, and all our favorite things. You never think about how good it feels to use your own kitchen until you’ve been away from it for a while!

Being the cool guy that he is, Steve has made a contraption to hold our Starlink while we’re underway. Dishy, the satellite, fits into the pipe Steve has been working on, and then fits into what used to be a fishing pole holder. Now, it’s our Dishy holder! We’re very excited about this update, because right now Dishy is just sitting in our cockpit on one of the seats and frankly, it’s where we sit while under way! If you want to know how he did it, I’m sure I can get him to write something up for the next blog if anyone is interested!

Our jib is up, which is so exciting and not only makes the boat look like a sailboat, but it also clears out quite a bit of clutter in the aft berth. We’re hoping to put the main up soon, once the weather is not rainy and windy, and then we’ll be good to go with sails (until our new main shows up and then we’ll swap them out).

The bummer is, we couldn’t get the engine to start on Saturday. We’re pretty sure it’s the starter battery, which needs replacing anyway, so fingers crossed that does the trick. An update on that will come next week!

Overall, I’m really happy to be back and spending time with family and friends. Spring is here, the weather is proving that, and we just can’t wait to be back on the water and gliding through the Bay.

Until then, we’ll be prepping Batland for our haul out next week that will include lots of sanding, painting, and overall boat work.

Cheers to the beginning of another sailing season!


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