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Welcome to our journey- on and off the water!

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We’re in Greece!

Hello, dear readers! We have made it to Greece and I am sitting in our hotel room, writing this blog, as we fight jet lag and hope for beautiful days ahead. Our travel days went well. We took the train to NYC on Sunday, flew out of JFK on Monday, and arrived at 9:30am in…

Sailing Into Our Engagement

Happy week, readers! This one is a bit different than our normal blogs, because it’s the story of our ENGAGEMENT! That’s right! You read that correctly. We are engaged! Here’s the low down on how Steve proposed, if I was expecting it, the pictures, and Buoy’s reaction (or lack thereof). Okay so, let’s be honest,…

Life On The Hard

Hello there, readers! Last week, we were prepping the boat to be hauled out and today, we are on our last couple of days before we go back in the water! So far, we’ve: Now we wait for it to dry! Tomorrow the yard guys will put the boat in the sling (the big machine…

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