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Fill Your Cup

Happy Tuesday, friends! I just got off work, so I’m writing this with very little time until our typical 5pm deadline.  However, I’m happy to take time to sit and write about whatever comes to mind. Speaking of… I read a quote for the first time last week and it stuck with me, so I…

My Love of Water

I recently read something I always knew to be true:  Water has healing properties. In the book I’m reading, it talks about ways the environments are affecting our mind, body, and spirit.  A lot of it talks about energy and how different things reflect different energies and therefore can produce healing properties, boost your immune…

New Job, New Adventures!

Wow! Writing this one at 4:30pm with a 5pm deadline. That’s what a new job will do to ya! This Monday was my first day at my new job as a Technical Writer!  I am SO excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to see what it actually entails once the paperwork and training…

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