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Keep Living

Happy Tuesday, sailors! I am writing to you from Zoya, as we are underway and en route to Jacksonville, FL. We are hoping to arrive today around 3pm EST, making it to anchor around 5pm. This past week has been full of adventure, travel, family, friends, and lots of delicious foods.  We took the trainContinue reading “Keep Living”

Sailing on Zoya

Hello from Charleston! I am writing to you on Monday, November 21, 2022, because I’m worried I’ll not have time tomorrow to complete the blog by 5pm.  So, I’m getting ahead of the game and trying to have it done early! Obviously, there was no blog last week.  I think that is the first weekContinue reading “Sailing on Zoya”

“Pinch Me” Moments

Some days feel more exciting than others, more put together, or just different than what you may want them to be.  I’ve noticed that when these days come, and I’m feeling the pressure of what to get done, it’s okay to take a deep breath and let it happen as it may. We’ve had aContinue reading ““Pinch Me” Moments”

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