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Fall Season Feels

Happy Tuesday, friends! We are officially in Wisconsin and house sitting two sweet pups! Buoy is loving the trails and having buddies to run around with, so all is good here. It is 45 degrees Fahrenheit today and may I just say BURRRR.  Don’t get me wrong, the change in temp is nice, but it’sContinue reading “Fall Season Feels”

Virginia to Montana

Happy Wednesday!  We’re a day late on our blog because… well… we were kind of “out of office” yesterday so getting to my computer wasn’t gonna happen.  Here’s where we were: Beautiful isn’t it?  That is in Phillipsburg, Montana where we have been doing some hiking, exploring, and gem finding!   As you may know ifContinue reading “Virginia to Montana”

Adventures & Travels

Happy Tuesday! I’m writing this one on my phone, from the car, in the Urbanna library parking lot.  We’re headed to DC today, but before we leave Steve needed to take a meeting at 10am, thus the reason we’re at the library. Buoy isn’t necessarily allowed in the library, so we’re hanging out in theContinue reading “Adventures & Travels”

The Here and Now

Another week has come and gone and our Tuesday blog post is due! This week has been a fun one. We took friends who are thinking about getting into sailing out on Batland, varnishing was completed (for now), we started working on another porthole replacement, and we enjoyed life as it happened. Clearly, it’s beenContinue reading “The Here and Now”

Restful Days

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to this week’s chat about how we’re feeling aboard Batland. This week has been restful.  We’ve worked on the boat here and there, gotten some big tasks done, and we’ve relaxed and snuggled while the weather was dreary. It’s important to have that balance.  One can’t always be on the goContinue reading “Restful Days”

Bottling Up Sunshine

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today I’m writing to you from my childhood bedroom.  I made the trip to NC this morning to gather some things for our road trip next month!   I pushed the trip back because I may or may not have given myself a minor concussion.  Unfortunately, a boat is a prime place toContinue reading “Bottling Up Sunshine”

Life, Loss, and Sailing

Sorry for the late blog. We got into Urbanna yesterday around 4pm and I didn’t want to rush the blog post. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for being here! 🙂 This week was a tough one for my (Skye’s) friend group. Two of my best friends from college both lost their grandmothers within a fewContinue reading “Life, Loss, and Sailing”

Hosting As Liveaboards

This weekend our parents flew and drove in to see us from NC and AZ. We’ve been trying to plan this weekend for a while now, and after canceling when Steve and I got COVID for the second time, we finally made it happen! The thing is, we’ve hosted my parents on the boat before.Continue reading “Hosting As Liveaboards”


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