Breathe In, Breath Out, Keep Living

It seems that we are becoming an every-other-week type of blog. I didn’t intend for it to be this way, but life happens and work happens, and I just happen to keep forgetting to get this done on Tuesdays before 5pm. So, we’re doing our best to get the blogs out, whenever that is. ThanksContinue reading “Breathe In, Breath Out, Keep Living”

Countdown to Boat Life

Hello friends!  Last week, with work and the making of a sourdough pizza in the works, I didn’t get around to writing the blog by my usual Tuesday at 5pm deadline. However, I can’t say that I’m sorry. I loved every second making our Valentine’s pizza with Steve and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve beenContinue reading “Countdown to Boat Life”

My Love of Water

I recently read something I always knew to be true:  Water has healing properties. In the book I’m reading, it talks about ways the environments are affecting our mind, body, and spirit.  A lot of it talks about energy and how different things reflect different energies and therefore can produce healing properties, boost your immuneContinue reading “My Love of Water”