Home Again


For the first time since December (I think that’s right), I am writing to you from Batland! This is wonderful news. We are so very excited to be back on our floating home and prepping her for some fun adventures this year!

Phew. It feels so good to be back. For the last week, we felt like we were in limbo, neither here nor there. We stayed home to help out after my dad had knee surgery, which I’m so grateful we were able to do, but we did feel like we weren’t exactly settled at the river and we were longing for the move to the boat. Luckily, Dad was well enough for me to feel comfortable to move back this past Sunday, and here we are!

We’ve unpacked (for the most part), stocked up on groceries, worked from the boat the last two days, visited our favorite coffee shop, and taken a walk to the beach with Buoy. It’s like we never left!

The truth is, I never would’ve thought I’d spend much time back in my hometown ever again. But the last two months of living at the river house and visiting my childhood home consistently to see my parents has been pretty nice. I love being home. I get to snuggle the dogs, hug my parents, eat food only mom and dad can make, and swap out my clothes. Steve and I always take the dogs on a walk in the field next door, which, in a way, feels nostalgic for me because that’s the field my brother and I played in for hours on warm summer nights. Running around, getting absolutely dusty and dirty, throwing dirt clobs; that was the life! So, getting to walk in the same space, share the same sunsets, laugh as loudly with my guy has been so sweet.

I know all of the curves of all of the roads. There’s places where I can point out “that’s where I got a flat tire on the way home from college” or “my grandpa used to own that station”. There are things I just love about being home, and those are some of them. 

We loved being at the river not only because I got to see my family, but because it was beautiful. The water was so mesmerizing, whether it was raining or sunny out. Buoy could run free (most of the time) and had as many squirrels to chase as she wanted. Steve and I had long trails to walk when we needed a break from work, and benches to sit on when we needed a moment to think.

That’s the thing about places you call home, there’s nothing quite like the way they make you feel when you come back to them.

So, to my hometown, the sweet river house, my parents who let us crash there for two months:  Thank you, I love you, you’re wonderful.

And now, we’re back in another one of our homes, and man, does it feel good.

We have a few projects to work on, per usual.

We just got our new lifelines delivered yesterday, so we’ll be working on that this week. We’ll also be putting up new netting as we do the lifelines!

We are going to attach our Starlink to the bimini frame, which I am very excited about, and then we’re going to run the cord through the lazarettes in order to get it inside to the hookup and router. 

Our new sail should be here mid-April! WOOT WOOT!!!

We’re going to work on some storage options within the “ice chest”, which we use ase food storage. However, due to the v-shaped bottom of the chest, it makes it a bit hard to store things well. So, we’re looking at options to help with that.

We are also hoping to clean out the aft berth in hopes to have it available when friends/family visit! Right now, the dinghy, both sails, outside cushions, and the sail cover are stored back there. We’re thinking that once the season begins again, and the sails are up and the dinghy is blown up, we’ll have plenty of space for someone to sleep back there – so we’ll see!

Clearly, we’ve got a lot to do and plenty of time. 

We’re stoked to be home. We’re happy to be around to see our friends that are here. And we CAN’T WAIT to be back on the water and headed somewhere beautiful sometime soon.

Cheers friends, thanks for reading along.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

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