Boat Sweet Boat

We’re back!

Batland welcomed us home last night around 10:15 after driving for 15+ hours from Chicago. It feels so good to be back, in our own space, and to not think about driving anywhere for a while.

At a rest stop somewhere in VA

This road trip was an adventure. After Wisconsin, we visited with Steve’s sister, her fiance, and their parents to celebrate the newly engaged couple. We ate, we drank, we celebrated love – it was wonderful.

Now, our to-do list has grown, as has our laundry bag, but at least we’ve made it to the store for some groceries to fuel us for the upcoming tasks.  Not counting the things on our list before we left, here’s some things we’d like to get done:

  • Sew up the helm cover (which ripped while we were gone)
  • Attach new stanchion 
  • Replace shower/faucet in the head
  • Order and replace the next porthole
  • Measure for topping lift and order parts to replace

The list will grow and shorten as the days go by, but we’re happy to be home to complete them.  We get hauled out on Thursday to take a look at the bottom.  When our hole was fixed a few months ago, our guy said there was a spot in the back that we may want to look at eventually, but that it was fine for now.  Well, now is the time to check it out and hopefully all is well.

Ideally, we’ll be able to get a lot of these projects done before our next road trip in December when we head to Tucson, AZ for the holidays to be with Steve’s side of the family.  Finger’s crossed!

With all of this traveling and moving around, it’s nice to have little places to call home along the way. Wherever it is, we appreciate our people the most. The ones who put us up, let us crash on their couch, take us to fun breweries or restaurants – we’re here for it all. Our people make us so proud to know them and so lucky to call them friends.

Cheers to new to-do lists, more boat projects, lots of yummy food, sweet hugs from friends, and every adventure to come.



Some pictures from our trip:

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