Restful Days

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to this week’s chat about how we’re feeling aboard Batland.

This week has been restful.  We’ve worked on the boat here and there, gotten some big tasks done, and we’ve relaxed and snuggled while the weather was dreary.

It’s important to have that balance.  One can’t always be on the go go go, at least not without burning out.  On the flip side, it’s hard to always rest and relax too.  We feel this need to be productive or to cross out tasks on our to-do list.  It’s something we’ve been told to do forever.  “Get to work.”  “Have you finished your homework yet?”  “Once you finish that green bean then we can have dessert.”  There was always something we had to finish in order to be rewarded with TV time, rest, the weekend, etc.

Sometimes, however, we have to put “do nothing” or “read” or “relax all day” on our to-do list in order to give ourselves some well-deserved downtime.  

Buoy taking advantage of her own downtime.

On Batland, there’s always a to-do list.  There’s things we could be doing while underway, while docked, in the middle of a storm, etc.  This doesn’t mean we always complete the tasks when we should, but it does mean that we’re aware of the things we’re not doing.  Our minds are always stuck on what we need to be doing, so taking time for ourselves isn’t usually in the forefront.  

This is why we love our days where we plan on having no plans. There’s no exception. We can’t back out. In fact, we don’t typically want to back out. If we do get something ticked off of our list that day, it’s because we wanted to do it, because it felt good and not because we had to.

These days always turn into the days that we love the most. They’re the days where we go for long walks to the beach, early enough for Buoy to join so she can enjoy the water with us. We can watch movies and bake yummy treats and drink lots of coffee. We can do whatever the hell we want, and it feels so good.

When I was thinking about what to write today I texted Steve if there was anything he wanted me to talk about in this blog.  “Downtime is good also,” he wrote back.  So, thanks to my trusty partner with all the good and fun ideas, here’s today’s blog!

I hope you find this blog as a reminder to do something for yourself.  Take the time you need to feel even a drop of rest.  Make the fancy cup of coffee you’ve been craving, bake up some tasty cinnamon buns, play with your dog, work out, go for a long walk, do absolutely nothing and love every second of it.  Do whatever brings you back to yourself; something that makes you feel like you!  

Also this week (in pictures):



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