Happy One Year of Mentally Sailing!

Happy WEDNESDAY folks!

Today is a special day, because one year ago we posted our first blog on Mentally Sailing!  We were on our way to the concrete ships, I wrote the blog under way, and we posted it at 5pm ET every Tuesday after that – except for yesterday when we completely forgot about it.

Home Sweet Home

This week has been wonderful, but we were exhausted yesterday, so the only thing on our minds was to get home and to sleep. It was about 8:30pm when we realized we hadn’t posted our blog. After having a red eye from CO to NC, napping at my parents house, packing up the car and driving 4 hours to VA, eating, and unpacking… I’m not surprised we forgot. Honestly, it’s pretty fitting that today I write to you exactly one year after our first post.

This blog has meant a lot to me. It has been an outlet for love, joy, sadness, confusion, anger, frustration, excitement, happiness, and so much more. We’ve documented our lives and our journey, talked about things that bothered us and things that didn’t, and told you all of our hopes and dreams for sailing and SV Batland.

I know that this year has been hard; with a broken forestay, then a hole in our boat, then 4 months out of water, but I wouldn’t change a thing, even now. It’s things like that that can make or break you. For some, a hole in the boat would’ve been a “never again” situation, but for us it just made us miss our floating home even more. I’m proud of us for pushing through, moving on, and living our lives regardless of the hard parts. We’re lucky to have each other to hold onto when it sucks and to laugh with when it doesn’t.

This is the most adventure I’ve had in one year in a long time, probably ever, and man am I glad we lucked into each other.

I hope you see growth in yourself, your life, or really anything you hoped to in the last year.  I hope you’ve had adventures and lived and loved as much as you could.  Most of all, I hope you continue your adventures, as we continue ours during our second year of Mentally Sailing.

This past week was full of excitement, family, and exploring. Our week in Colorado was beautiful. We explored the town of Lafayette Monday through Friday; eating lots of good food, going to shops and bookstores, and walking everywhere we could. We hitched a ride with Steve’s brother on Friday to Estes Park where the family wedding was taking place. Talk about VIEWS. It was beautiful, all of it. There wasn’t a spot in CO that wasn’t pretty to look at. We got to spend a ton of time with family and friends, celebrated the happy couple, and then flew home yesterday.

Weeks like that are good for the soul. Spending time together while exploring a place we’ve never been is one of my favorite things to do with Steve. We love having no idea where things are and just figuring it out as we go. Don’t get me wrong, we typically have an idea of what direction to go, but you never know what you’ll find. We saw some of the most beautiful houses and yards just roaming around the city. We saw local artwork and watched local artists perform at “Picnic on the Plaza”. We loved it, so so much.

The truth is, there are a lot of places I can see us ending up. Colorado will probably always be one of them, along with so many other places, so getting to spend some time in such a beautiful place was really fun.

I hope this Wednesday blog found you well. If you’ve been with us all year, thanks for sticking around. And those of you who haven’t, we’re really glad you found us.

Cheers to one year of Mentally Sailing, and many many more.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

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