Hello from Colorado!

Hello world and happy Tuesday all the way from Colorado!

This week, Steve and I will be in Lafayette and Estes Park for a fun mini vacation for his cousin’s wedding.  We came in early so that we could explore CO a little, see some of his family who’s already here, and because why the heck not?  Buoy is in NC with my parents, so fingers crossed she doesn’t forget about us in a week.

We’ve had quite the week.  By that I mean that we’re finally moved OUT of the beach apartment and moved ON to the boat!  All of our things are back on our sweet floating home and waiting for our return.

I don’t know about y’all, but I get a bit anxious and antsy when moving out of one place and into another.  Even though the boat was only a mile and a half away from the apartment, it felt like everything was scattered in different places.  I don’t have my sweater because I put it on the boat or Steve doesn’t have his swim trunks because we left them at the apartment.  It was all a little hectic, but Steve being the calming presence that he is, we made it through just fine.  The boat is a bit messy though, which is unfortunate.  Don’t you just love coming home after a trip and everything is cleaned and put away and there’s nothing you feel like you have to do right then?  Well, that is not the case for us this time.  We moved the bikes to the boat which means Buoy’s carriage that we pull behind us is also there, and by there I mean folded up and in the space between the head and the closet and it’s simply in the way.  Then there’s some bags and cushions and last minute camping stuff from the back of the car that we threw in (literally threw in).  So, it’ll be a project when we get back, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am just so happy to be back on the boat.

We have some high hopes for July.  We’re planning on doing some sailing up the Bay and some overnighters.  We’ve got to get Buoy used to the boat again (and trained to use the bathroom on the boat).  A few weekends have plans, like a baby shower for my brother and a hangout with our parents, but other than that the plan is to have no plan so we can prioritize being on the water.  

We do have a few projects we’re working on.  The paddle board is finally fixed, we’re making progress on the portholes, and my hope is to start working on the fold down table when we get back.  I really want to get the table done so that Steve and I have somewhere with a “desk” to work!  It would be nice to not always have our laptops on top of a pillow in our lap or at the nav station which has no real back support.

Oh!  Remember our netting?  It was one of our very first pictures on Mentally Sailing’s instagram, and one of our first big projects.  Well, a year later only one side is done, so we’ve ordered a new stanchion for the starboard side so that we can have a more center entryway onto the boat.  Then we will redo the lifelines and add the netting that we’ve had stored down below for so long.  It’s slowly making its way to completion, but at least we’re making progress!

Netting on the port side

On another note, we’re very excited to have this week with friends and family. We spent Sunday with my parents and my brother and his wife. We celebrated my Dad and my brother (who is a Dad-to-be) for Father’s day. So, a few days late, but happy father’s day to all of the fathers and father figures. Now we get to celebrate love all weekend with Steve’s family for the wedding. Family is a wondrous thing and an amazingly important one. Whether you have chosen family or family by blood, or both, squeeze them a little harder today, because we are so so lucky to have people we love and who love us.

Cheers to a week filled with joy and love, talk soon.


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