Time In The Sun

May is almost over, but it’s going out with a bang!

This week we had a blast with friends, family, and lots of time in the sun. Steve’s sister flew in from Chicago, surprised their extended family at a birthday party, and then hung around with us all weekend! We made our way to Deltaville to meet up with their aunt and uncle to cruise around on their boat, and we even got out on the water yesterday for a good sail! I love it when we have visitors and get to show our people our favorite place! Thanks for the visit, P!

In other news, the paddle board is coming along. I’ve continued to sand and epoxy, sand and epoxy, and sand and epoxy. It’s tedious, but it’s worth it. We actually have a lot of projects lined up, and will hopefully be finishing a few in the coming week. Our portholes are being replaced, which is a whole thing. We bought ones to fit our boat, but unfortunately the drainage rivets don’t match up with the current ones. So, there is a lot of cutting, sanding and more epoxying in our future. Another project came up the other day when Steve and I began to really enjoy having a table (and counterspace) to eat and work on. Well, our boat does not have any table, so we decided we’d make one that would fold down. We went to Nauti Nell’s in Deltaville this weekend, which is a very cute shop and consignment store that has so so so much boating gear/odds and ends. We found two teak doors that we are going to make into our table, that already have a finish on them as well as hinges that work! We’re going to draw up some plans once I get all of the measurements, and then get to working on that after the paddle board and portholes are done!

I’m very excited for all of the things to come this year!

This weekend, while hanging out with Steve’s family, I heard his aunt say that she had an immediate smile on her face when they put their boat in for the first time this season.  I resonated with that statement so much.  There really nothing is like dropping the lines, pushing off, and setting sail during a perfect day.  It’s things like that that prove to me just how happy I am with my life.  One of the things I’ve always loved, the ocean, is where I live and I get to sail on her and live on her and spend so many good times with my very favorite people.  Instantaneous joy.  Beautiful beautiful places.  I can’t stress this enough:  find something that makes you feel good and do it.  No matter how hard it will be or how much time it will take or what you will leave behind, do the thing that makes you light up inside.  And when you find it, don’t let that fire go out.  

Truth is, I know things change.  Maybe you find something perfect for you, but then it isn’t as fit for you years later like it used to be.  Fine, but find something else.  We are always evolving and changing, and your lifestyle will, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the things that set your soul on fire.  There will always be new adventures and new joys, chase them!

Cutting this one a little short, it’s just too dang beautiful outside.

Hope you find something that makes you smile a little bigger today.



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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

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