Happy 2/22/22s Day

Happy 2/22/22s day! This week has been lovely, with a few ups and downs thrown in there.

Last week I told you all that we had signed a lease and that we were so excited to move in in March.  Well, things didn’t end up working out.  We were reading through our final thing to sign and found some things that we weren’t very happy with.  When we reached out to the manager, there was some unclear communication that led us to believe that we could do a walk-through when we got back to VA before we signed the lease.  Well, apparently that was not true.  So, here we are again!  On the hunt for our temporary home.

It’s a bit funny, because when we started our way West in January we made a plan that we wouldn’t make any set plans until AFTER we got back from Atlanta (which is where we are going Thursday and will fly back Monday).  So maybe this is just the universe’s way of telling us to hold on a second and wait for the timing that we actually wanted in the first place.  Who knows, but I know that wherever we end up will be somewhere good and full of light and a place that feels like home.  I just know that we will find the perfect spot eventually, it’s just the up-in-the-air stuff that makes us a little nervous.  

We’re hoping to get the boat patched up when we get back and sail it down to Norfolk to get it fixed (if possible).  We’ve talked about putting it on a boat and hauling it down versus patching it, but truthfully, I want to sail on our boat.  I want to be on the water after missing it for 4 months.  I also know that we could very well get to Norfolk and be told that there’s nothing they can do, so it would be our last chance to sail her home.  It’s sad, honestly, and I’m a little teary eyed typing this, but we have to be realistic with these things.

I wish we had more positive news, but sometimes life gives you so many good things at once, that it stays calm for a while to reset.  And we’ve had some amazing experiences over that last couple of months, regardless of the boat issues.  We lived in Mexico for goodness sake!  So, as always, I’m learning to take the good with the bad, the hard with the easy, and do what I can with it to make life feel good.

I’m very lucky to have Steve around to reassure me that things will be just fine, because sometimes it can all feel overwhelming.  The other day when we found out the lease wasn’t going to work out, that we had been planning on for weeks, I needed a break.  I needed a moment to step back and breathe and not feel all of the frustration with wrecked plans that kept happening.  So, I drove around, listened to music, and rolled down the windows.  I made it to Goodwill and looked around for a bit and then came back, smoothies for Steve and me in hand, and all was fine.  Sometimes taking a step back can be so so so good for the soul.  It grounds you, makes you realize that some of the things that feel so big, really aren’t.  Sometimes they just feel a lot more important than they are.  I don’t know how your day is, and I hope it’s good.  But if it’s not, if you’re tired or overwhelmed or full of frustration, just take a mental break, a step back, and remember who the hell you are.  Because you are strong, and you are bigger than any frustration.

I hope this blog found you well.

Happy reading,


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