From Mexico to Arizona

Last sunset in MX

Hello hello! After quite a bit of traveling last weekend, we are back in Arizona. Our last week in Mexico was wonderful. We spent so much time outside, listening to the waves crash from our quaint little house. We ate so much good food and had delicious coffee from the cafe next door. Our host and his dogs greeted us with so much kindness and if we ever go back, which I hope we will, we will stay at that same spot again. That’s just how much we loved it. By the time Friday came, we didn’t want to leave. We could’ve stayed there forever. But alas, we had plans elsewhere, so we packed up the car and went on our way.

The traffic getting through the border was insane.  It took us two more hours to get to Long Beach, CA than it should’ve, but we made the most out of the journey.  We visited with Steve’s cousin and her boyfriend and had the best time eating, drinking, and laughing a lot.  By the time we got back to our motel, we were ready to crash.  It had been a long day of driving, and we knew another long day of driving was coming the next morning.  

We set out to AZ Saturday morning with a little bit of a sad heart because we were leaving the ocean.  Something about being on the coast just boosts every bit of our mood and mental health.  Things just feel better by the water and in the sunshine.  We stopped at Goodwill a couple of times, stopped for food and to take Buoy out, and then finally made it home (for the next couple of weeks).

Our moods have changed from our driving day on Friday and Saturday compared to now.  We are no longer tired of driving, tired, and wanting to be home.  We are now rested, not driving more than 30 minutes to get anywhere, and home!  It’s amazing what a home base and a little rest can do for you.  

The thing is, traveling is wonderful.  You learn so much about different languages and cultures and how things work that are different than you’re used to.  It’s eye-opening and beautiful, but it also takes a lot out of you.  It’s really more the moving around that does it, not so much the time you spend places.  There’s always a hug of relief between Steve and me when we finally make it somewhere, because that place becomes our “home base” while we’re there.  We haven’t had that in quite some time, which is why I’m pretty pumped for what I’m about to tell you!

We signed a 12 month lease yesterday that starts at the end of March, and it’s kind of exciting/scary/crazy considering we haven’t had a “home” since the boat was damaged in November.  Honestly, there are a lot of emotions between the two of us about having this space.  We are excited of course, because it gives us a little bit of a plan, or at least a place to keep our things.  Right now our stuff is split in 4 places (my parents’, Steve’s parents’, and his grandparents’ houses, and some is on the boat).  So, having somewhere that has every sweatshirt we love, the photos of us we want to hang up, or our power chords that we always seem to forget will be refreshing.  It’s also a little bit daunting.  Being somewhere for 12 months means our lives will look a whole lot different than they have recently.  It is definitely going to be a change.  Especially since Steve and I haven’t worked full time at the same time before.  At first, he was job hunting and I was working at the shop and nannying.  Then we moved on the boat when my nanny job was over, and we’ve relatively been on the move ever since.  I’m excited, and there are a lot of good job prospects out there, it’s just going to change things a little.  I’m not worried about it that much, I guess I’m just curious to see how the dynamic is once it’s in full swing.  We are also pretty pumped to decorate our own space.  It has 2 bedrooms which is very exciting (and a lot more room than my studio apartment AND the boat combined), so that’s something to look forward to.  We already have ideas of where to put things and how the second bedroom will be a “library” with a daybed for visitors.  The hostess in me is very very excited to be able to comfortably have people over without it being super cramped.  Overall, it’s a new and exciting experience, and it’s the first place that we decided on together, which is super sweet.  We did make a plan to do some sort of adventure at least once a month, because we don’t want to feel like having this homebase holds us back from all of the things and traveling that we love.  Either way, I’m excited to take on this phase of life with Steve and Buoy.  It’s always an adventure with those two, whether we’re driving cross country or just driving to the store.

That’s it for this week’s blog.  We’re excited for all of the adventures to come in our new place, and every adventure anywhere else.

I hope this blog found you well.  Happy reading!


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2 thoughts on “From Mexico to Arizona

  1. Awesome and exciting news!! I so enjoy ready your blog each Tuesday, Skye. I’m usually still at my desk and here it ding in my in-box. I stop working and read it through. Looking forward to reading your next adventure and seeing pics! Have a great week!! ❤


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