Sailing Into Our Engagement

Happy week, readers!

This one is a bit different than our normal blogs, because it’s the story of our ENGAGEMENT!

That’s right! You read that correctly. We are engaged!

Here’s the low down on how Steve proposed, if I was expecting it, the pictures, and Buoy’s reaction (or lack thereof).

Okay so, let’s be honest, we all knew Steve would propose eventually, but the question was WHEN? 

I had my own assumptions. We’re going to Greece soon, so I thought it could be on that trip, but then I wasn’t sure if he’d bring the ring with him to Greece. However, Steve did mention getting a “temporary ring” to propose with and then giving me the real one later, so then I believed in Greece being where it would happen.

I began to think it would not be in Greece when Steve kept bringing Greece up. One of our friends even told me to dress cute for Greece. At first I was like “okay, maybe she’s just looking out for me,” but I soon believed that she is more the type of person to throw me off his trail than put me on it.

And so I started to believe it would be before Greece.

(Obviously, I was right.)

Steve knows I am very observant by nature, so even when I didn’t mean to notice things, I did.

We have a wedding to attend this week in AZ. A couple of weeks ago Steve suggested we get our nails done. (I hardly ever get my nails done.) The only time I do is when we’re in AZ with Steve’s mom and we all go. I just typically do my own because 1. I own nail polish and 2. with all of the boat work we do they get ruined fast.

But, I kept a face of innocence, acting like that was a normal thing to do, and last Wednesday I got my nails done. Little did Steve know I’d already told multiple people: “I just got my nails done, the countdown is ON!”

And so, I was pretty “alert”, as a friend of mine put it. I wasn’t nervous or scared or anything like that. I mean, why would I be? Steve is my person, my guy, my best friend! Of course I want to marry him, I just didn’t know when it was going to happen. 

On Thursday we went to see our favorite local singer, Frank Sings Frank. I had a tiny bit of an inkling that it could happen there, but I doubted it. However, I dressed cute anyway. Clearly, that wasn’t it, but it was a blast as always.

On our way to Frank Sings Frank!

I had a lot of excitement in me for Saturday. The Farmer’s Market was starting again, we were planning on going sailing, and the weather was incredible!

The day began like any other. I woke up, drank my AG1, had my coffee, worked out, and off to the market we went. We got a lot of local goodies, including a fresh chocolate croissant (my favorite), and headed home to go for a sail. We made lunch, or as we called it, “elevensies” (thank you Lord of the Rings for burning that into my mind), and got the sail prepped. 

THE chocolate croissant

The truth is, I was so excited for our first sail of the season, with our freshly painted hull, that I didn’t even think about Steve popping the question that day.

Every time we go sailing, we take a selfie. It’s a tradition we started unintentionally, but eventually it just stuck.

The selfie before we got engaged!

When I was taking our picture, Steve mentioned wanting a picture of us at the bow. He went down below (to get the ring but I didn’t know that), came back up with a piece of Duct Tape to secure his phone to part of the boat, and began filming.

Since I thought it was a photo, I was just in la la land until he started walking over. I tried to get Buoy to sit, I was trying to put my arm around Steve to smile for the picture, and I saw Steve begin to kneel, but at first it looked like he was falling!

I very quickly realized what was happening, and my eyes very quickly began to tear up.

Me, already in tears

He said some very sweet things, that I later learned he had practiced quite a lot. And he asked me to marry him! He did in fact propose with a “temporary ring”, which is a gold band with a moonstone pendant on it, and I adore it.

We have a custom ring being made from some stones that we found on our road trip to Montana last year, and it’s supposed to be ready in early May.

Saturday was the best day. I didn’t expect it. Steve totally surprised me. We had a beautiful day. And we’re ENGAGED!

That “freshly engaged” GLOW

Man, what a dream to find the person that fits you best!

I hope you liked our engagement story. I’m sure there’s more that Steve could add, but for now you have my perspective on it all. 

This blog is a big documentation of all of our adventures, including the story of us!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here.

See you next week!


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2 thoughts on “Sailing Into Our Engagement

  1. Hey friends! I’m so excited to finally be engaged to the love of my life.

    I went down below, and took the ring and box out of the cardboard box I was hiding it in (some electrical stuff so Skye would never look there). I then grabbed the roll of duct tape, and put the box in the duct tape roll, so that the square shape wouldn’t be visible. However, the circle is VERY visible from my pocket in the pictures!

    I did have some stuff written down on my phone, and I did a quick re-read while down below to make sure I had all the major points. I’m glad I had it written down, because neither one of us really remembered it! I guess during life-changing moments, words just aren’t imprinted the same.

    We’re both super excited for our ring to be finished with the Montana sapphire, but our backup to the sapphires was moonstone, so I’m glad we’re sorta able to do both 🙂


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