Countdown to Boat Life

Hello friends! 

Last week, with work and the making of a sourdough pizza in the works, I didn’t get around to writing the blog by my usual Tuesday at 5pm deadline.

However, I can’t say that I’m sorry. I loved every second making our Valentine’s pizza with Steve and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having.

Right now, it is sunny and 75℉! The weekends have been a bit chilly, but recently the weekdays have been feeling like Spring!

My heart, and my mind, are so happy to see the sunshine, and that the days are getting longer and longer.  With that being said, we’ve begun to countdown the days until we’re back aboard Batland.

We’re planning to move back on 3 weekends from now – right in time for my birthday!! It’s been a tradition that we go on a sail on at least one of our birthdays every year, and since we will be in Greece for Steve’s, I’m really hoping that we can fit a sail in on mine!

When we left the boat after our last visit, we made sure it was fit to come home to. So, the wires and electrical that we worked on are finished up enough for the boat to be put back together (and the tools to be put away). 

Our sails are down, the bimini and dodger are off, and the bed isn’t made, but it’s all there ready to be put back up again!

If I’m being totally honest, I can’t wait!

The river has been good to us. It’s beautiful, it’s calm, it’s spacious. Buoy has run around every day chasing squirrels or lizards (or whatever she can find), and Steve and I have taken many daily walks just to take a break from work or to get out of the house. I love it here. But, I miss our boat.

I miss the way the sunrise looks when I’m having my morning coffee, and the way the wind brings a cool touch to warm mornings. I love how loved Buoy is by everyone at our marina. I miss the overnighters, exhausted from a long day of sailing but exhilarated that we finally made it to anchor. I’m hopeful for all of the adventures we’ll have exploring the Bay this summer, and all of the friends we’ll get to see being back in town.

There is so much to love now, here, right where I am. Simultaneously, there is so much to love about where we’ll be in 3 weeks time, the home we’ve made into it, and all of the adventures we’re yet to experience.

As excited as I am to be back on the boat, I’m really enjoying the NOW. I’m trying to slow down, not race to the next task or obligation, but enjoy it. My morning coffee is lasting longer. Sometimes I even get back into bed with my book just to enjoy a few more minutes of quiet. I don’t force myself to workout first thing in the morning if I don’t want to, because I know I’ll get around to it later. I’m enjoying life, right here, right now, and it feels so good.

Oh yeah – we jumped in the river! SO COLD!

Cheers to you, another Tuesday blog, and living in the NOW.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Boat Life

  1. My mom (in the DC area) also mentioned the fantastic weather. Hopefully, the nasty weather heading your way will have come and gone by the time you move back aboard.

    Love that you’re able to put into words and share what many of us are thinking and/or feeling in our own lives. Cheers.

    – Pete

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    1. I just want to say, I look forward to your comments on the blog every week. So happy someone out there appreciates them and reads them as consistently as you do! Cheers!


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