New Job, New Adventures!

Wow! Writing this one at 4:30pm with a 5pm deadline. That’s what a new job will do to ya!

This Monday was my first day at my new job as a Technical Writer!  I am SO excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to see what it actually entails once the paperwork and training is completed.  So far, I love it and my team.  The people are what make the job, right?  So it seems I’m doing okay on that front.  

It’s been kind of nice to be back on a schedule.  I have a morning routine, I start work, Steve and I have lunch together then go for a short walk, and then back to work!  I’m really enjoying it.

It doesn’t hurt that we have a cabin to live in, plenty of space to move around and change work areas, and room for Buoy (and us) to roam.  We’ve been on daily walks since we moved into the cabin, cleaned (since no one has fully lived here before-only nightly stays or daily visits), watched movies, and cooked some yummy dinners.

We’re really lucky to have this space (thanks Mom & Dad) and so pumped to spend the next couple of cold months here.

However, I do miss Batland and her sunny days, but I know more of those are in our near future, as long as the weather warms up enough for us to not freeze!!  We’re really hoping to sail a lot this summer, and venture into the Bay more than we’ve ever done.

We’re planning on checking in at the boat this weekend to do a couple of tasks/upgrades and just make sure nothing’s broken.  It’s going to be cold, but I can’t wait to see her.

So far, 2023 has been wonderful.  We’ve begun to plan our Greece trip in May (like really planning it with hotels and ferries and so many adventures).  Friends are trying to come visit while we’re in NC.  Flights are to be booked for a wedding in April.  AND – here’s the big one – we booked our tickets on the Queen Mary 2 for December of 2024 out of NY and into Southampton!!!!!!  This is the boat that will MOVE us to Europe (and hopefully Greece as long as our visas are approved when the time comes).  The only thing that’s not absolute about this is that Buoy has to have a Kennel booked and we are #1 on the waitlist – so fingers crossed.  IF she doesn’t get a spot by the date of our free-cancellation, then we’ll reevaluate, but that isn’t until mid-2024!

We are SO excited for all of the adventures to come (especially moving!!) but it has made us want to live in the present that much more. So, take this as a bit of a challenge to not wait until you plan to move to start focusing on the present! It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of planning, and looking forward to things is wonderful, but don’t let it pull you away from the wonders that exist in the present!

Cheers to you all, new adventures, so much love, and the sun that is staying out just a little bit longer each day.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

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