Cheer, Joy, & Love

Hello friends and happy Wednesday.

Obviously, I’m a bit late to our Tuesday blog post, but I’m getting it done a day late anyway.  That’s life, right?  Doing the things you committed too, even if it’s a bit late, because you needed to give yourself a little grace on the timeframe?

I feel as if we’ve been quite busy recently, with sailing, taking a train, sailing again, flying home, and now prepping for our road trip to AZ in less than a week.  So, I needed some time to gather myself (and have some dinner and sleep) yesterday before I could begin the task of writing to you, dear friends, today.

The truth is, I’m never truly sure what’s going to come out when I write to you.  I always hope that it will be inspiring and wonderful and you all leave the site thinking deeply about the words I wrote, but that would be a bit too far fetched.  So, I write, mainly for myself and my own peace of mind, and hope that somewhere in between the lines and the cliche sayings, you see me for who I am, and maybe (just maybe) a piece of yourself in there too.

I’ve felt pretty anxious recently. With everything we’ve had going on and all we’re planning to do this month and next year, it’s begun to feel like a lot. Luckily, I know how to calm my mind, and I live with a person who knows how to bring me peace when my mind is cluttered. Instead of getting frustrated at all of the things that may stress me out, I’ve tried finding the good things that make me feel joy. I’m romanticizing my life so the smallest things (like a visit from a dragonfly, the excitement of our dog when she sees us in the morning, and the way my body feels after a good yoga session) become the forefront of my thoughts and the stress seems to fall away.

Next week I’ll be writing to you from NC while we visit my parents and family one more time before heading West.  So, until then, I’ll be focusing on the things that bring me cheer, joy, and love (like how I brought up all of those holiday buzzwords?)!

Cheers to our last month of 2022. Let’s make it good!


THIS WEEK (in pictures):

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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

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