Beautiful Days

Happy day, friends. This week has been so good. The weather has brought us some very sunny days, warm enough to sit on the dock and read our books while the dogs explore the yard. Some days have been chilly, but nothing too cold. We’ve gone on long walks after work, and stargazed every night as we let the dogs out before bed. It’s been good, maybe even dreamy.

That’s the thing about life, it’s what you make it. I stand by the quote I mentioned a few blogs ago encouraging you to “romanticize your life”. A friend of mine posted a beautiful picture today while traveling and her comment was “does anyone else feel like things are too pretty to be real?” I immediately responded with “ALL the time.” It’s true.

I was thinking the same thing this morning after Steve woke me up saying “everything is orange and yellow outside.” He had just gotten back into bed after letting the dogs out to use the bathroom and I was so sleepy, but when he said that I woke up completely because I didn’t want to miss the beauty. Peeking through the blinds at all of the leaves that had changed overnight, I felt just how lucky I am to see all of these beautiful places. Seeing them with someone I love is even better. Watching our dog explore all of the places we visit is just icing on the cake.

Being in Wisconsin has been so good.  Fall is in the air with crisp mornings and fires at night.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and went for a paddle on Lake Tawanda.  We grabbed a few pumpkins and carved them, laughing every step of the way- especially when I beheaded one of the bats I was trying to carve!)  We’ve made apple cider sangria, chicken noodle soup, and so many more cozy/warm foods.  

All of this fresh air is good for the soul. We’re not super used to the cooler weather, but we’re enjoying it nonetheless.

As far as hurricane Ian goes, we’ve heard word from friends that they are safe and that Batland is doing fine at the marina.  It’s so good to have friends/boat neighbors who give us updates while we’re away.  The boating community is one-of-a-kind.

We have about a week and a half left of dog/house-sitting, and we’re basking in it.  Having access to a laundry room, dishwasher, a bed not shaped like a V – it’s things like that that make you realize just how much we took for granted before moving onto a boat.  We were even excited to have a table big enough to complete a puzzle!  It’s been nice, BUT, there’s no place like HOME!

Speaking of home, Batland is still mastless. With the bad weather in Norfolk, most yard work has been at a standstill since Friday. However, the deck step is installed which means all they have to do now is put the mast up! Woo! This has to be done on a wind-free day, because putting something on a boat that rocks with the wind and the waves can make it very difficult. Fingers crossed it’s back on before we get home so that we can go for some October sails on the Bay.

Cheers to a new week – I hope you pause long enough to see there is so much beauty in your wonderful, grand life.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Days

  1. Skye, I read each and every one of your blog posts! I enjoy hearing your thoughts, seeing what the three of you are up to and loving your photos! Thanks for sharing!!


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