Hosting As Liveaboards

This weekend our parents flew and drove in to see us from NC and AZ. We’ve been trying to plan this weekend for a while now, and after canceling when Steve and I got COVID for the second time, we finally made it happen!

Steve’s mom and dad aboard Batland!

The thing is, we’ve hosted my parents on the boat before. It was fine, but it was a very rainy weekend so the cockpit was unavailable and it is what normally makes the boat seem so spacious on nice days! Four people was a bit too crowded, so we knew that hosting both sets of parents called for an actual home, or at least somewhere with more square footage.

So, we set our search on Airbnb for 6 people and 1 dog and boom! We had a match. The same rental company from our 3 month apartment we had earlier this year also managed this one, so we had a feeling we would be in good hands.

We planned all kinds of things, most of them being in case we needed things to do, but luckily the weather held off long enough for us to go for a beautiful sail on Saturday afternoon.

Getting to show the people you love the thing you love to do is one of my favorite things. Everyone knows we live on our sailboat, but not everyone gets the chance to sail with us and see us hard at work! My parents went with us when I moved onto the boat last summer but it was very calm and easy going. I was also very new to sailing so my knowledge bank has increased significantly since then. Steve’s parents saw the boat the weekend we got a hole in it last November, but his mom had never been inside, so it was special to share our home and our love for sailing with them all!

We went to COVA, our previously mentioned favorite coffee shop and brewery, and went home to cook dinner. We played dominos and giggled the whole time. Sunday was overcast and restful. We had breakfast and made our way to the beach in the late afternoon. We went ax throwing, which was so fun and hilarious to observe, and then surprised Steve’s parents by inviting more family to dinner than they knew about.

(The funny thing is, most of Steve’s extended family who came to dinner thought we had an announcement to make (💍) since we were gathering the parents and the family together — They were wrong, it was genuinely just dinner haha!)

All of this to say, we were very lucky to have both sets of parents in town, and that they were willing to make the trip to spend only a few days with us.  (Thanks Beth, Alan, Steve, and Lisa!)

Today we are back in the hang of things after having a very chill day yesterday.  Our hearts are full and our minds happy.  

So, it’s time to begin new projects and adventures. We have someone coming tomorrow for a consultation on a dodger for the cockpit, and thanks to our friend and fellow sailor, Terry, we were able to see what one might look like based off of an old one of his! One of the new portholes has come in, so we’re hoping to start work on that soon, along with replacing the faucet/shower in the head, and new wiring for the handheld radio. The list is long and never ending, but it’s what we’re used to.

Luckily, we’ve had some wonderful adventures this summer and all kinds of family time. August is going to be for sailing, as we’ve not planned ANYTHING – shocker, I know! Weather dependent, we’ll be anchoring out a lot more, and spending some time sailing North.

Cheers to more adventures and more happy days.


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

One thought on “Hosting As Liveaboards

  1. Hi!! So glad that both parents could come and enjoy a weekend with you both…. I have to admit, I too thought that is where the gathering was heading 🙂 I so love your Tuesday blogs and am very happy for you Skye and the life you are building ❤ (you too, Steve 🙂


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