Oh How The Tables Turn

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It’s been another busy week aboard Batland.

As many boat owners know, there is always a longggg list of things to do. This week we added more to our list with the large amounts of rain we got. We knew about a couple of leakst, which is one reason why we’re replacing the portholes, but we found more. So, now two windows (ones that don’t open) have been taken off and are getting recut. Hopefully we’ll have them by next week!

Another exciting thing is that we FINALLY got our fold down table done! It is so cool and I am so excited.

Steve at work!

A little while ago we were in Deltaville visiting with some of Steve’s family for lunch and we found these awesome teak cabinet doors. There’s a place called Nauti Nell’s that has lots of used boat and marine stuff. We’ve gotten a lot from them in the past so it was no surprise that they had just what we were looking for! I had an idea in mind, and after talking with my dad (who I learned all of my carpenter knowledge from) and Steve, we came up with a plan!

I took all of the hardware off of the table and then started measuring, planning, and gathering all the supplies we’d need.  I went to our hardware store at least once a day last week, and called dad almost every day to make sure we were on the same page.  He built us a leg for our table, as well as a dolphin shaped lock that holds the table up when it’s folded.  They both look awesome, but I will say:  trying to explain plans for a table over the phone is not the easiest.  So, maybe facetime will be more ideal next time.

I used a piano hinge to connect the table to the wall, and bolts & lock-nuts to secure it, and BOOM we had a table!

L shaped holders were used to keep the sliding section of the door in place.

We had to cut the leg off to the correct height, sand it down, and then we hinged it onto the bottom layer of the table. It now sits on the cushion of our couch.

We attached the dolphin lock to the wall, folded the table up, locked it in, and that’s all!

Honestly, it may sound a bit easier than it was, but man was it worth it. I’m super proud of it and now Steve and I have a space to work on the boat that isn’t balancing our computer on our lap, not to mention a place to have dinner and to set up the computer for movie nights! Cheers to new projects and new spaces to love aboard Batland!

Tomorrow we’re headed to NC to prepare for my brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower! With that being said, I’m going to go get things together to leave tomorrow so that we can go sailing this afternoon!

I hope you have the best day, the best week, and continue to find joy in it all.  

Happy Sailing,


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