Enjoying the Moments

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Man, it does not feel like it should be May already, am I right? It feels like just yesterday Steve and I were leaving Virginia on our trek West to Mexico, but that was all the way back in January! How does time seem to move so fast?! Once you realize just how fast time is moving, it really makes you want to enjoy the moment you’re in. I hope you do that more often – enjoy the moment, be present.

A Mexico throwback!

One thing I always do before writing the blog is go through this week’s pictures on my phone.  Typically, it reminds me of all the things I took pictures of earlier in the week and said “oh, let me snap one for the next blog.”  I’m not exactly surprised that I forget it and have to check my photos as a reminder, but if it works it works!

We had some fun this week, did some work, and continued our waiting game to when we’ll be back on the boat.  

Unfortunately, there was no sailing in this week’s adventures, but I did get quite a bit of work done on it! The varnish is DONE. I only put a couple of coats on it since I redid it completely last summer, so it didn’t take long. One good sanding job, a couple rubs of teak oil, a coat of varnish, another sanding sesion, and one more coat and BOOM – done. And let me just say, varnishing is an instant gratification. It’s plain and sanded and doesn’t look great and then you put a coat on and it upgrades your wood x100000. Clearly, I’m pretty proud of it. We’re working on getting the boat set for visitors (whenever that is) so I’m hoping to get it back in ship shape! We’ve also started to fix the paddle board where the fin scraped the pilon and it messed up, so that is a work in progress.

We had some fun this week also, specifically with baking!  Steve began a sourdough starter back when I was in FL sailing on Zoya.  Well, it was finally ready to be used to make a loaf this past week, and today he made the second one!  Dude is becoming a baker – who knew?!  But, let me tell you, it is freaking DELICIOUS.  We made paninis with it, ate it toasted and buttered with lasagna, and just on its own!  Definitely something I would encourage you to try if you haven’t, because you’re missing out!

We discovered a new brewery in Hampton last week called 1865. Oh man, it was so cute! Steve and I have game nights in Hampton on Thursdays, so instead of getting stuck in tunnel traffic, we’ve learned to go early and enjoy ourselves! We’ll work, read, hang with Buoy and have a brew or coffee and it is delightful. The people there were amazing, and when we mentioned coming back the next week they encouraged us even more (mainly because they’d just met Buoy and wanted to hangout with her more – not us).

When I said we had a fun week, I meant it.  We had a date night planned to go to Push Comedy for at least 2 weeks.  So when the time was finally here to go to a “Whose Line is it Anyway” themed comedy show, we were PUMPED.  It was amazing, hilarious, and 100% something I’d recommend if you’re in the Norfolk area.

Alright guys, now that I’ve told you all of our happenings from this past week, I just wanna say a quick thank you to all the moms out there. It will be Mother’s Day on Sunday and that is always a huge day for so many people. For some it’s sad, for some it’s happy, and for some it’s both. Regardless of which one you are, I hope the day comes with ease and joy and that you find time to be in the moment wherever you are. Thank you, to all the mom-like figures in my life, and of course my Mom. You people make the world go ‘round!

I hope this week is nothing short of happy.

Talk soon!


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"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the earth." -Joanne Harris

One thought on “Enjoying the Moments

  1. That bread looks amazing! You seemed to have a pretty social week! I miss that…I used to go out several times a week before the pandemic, maybe not every single week, but it wasn’t uncommon. Now I’m spent when I go out once. Ha!


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