From AZ to CA

In two days we will be in Mexico. In two days, the plans we made a month ago will actually be followed through, which, if you know us or have been following our blogs, has not happened all that much. In two days, we will be starting the last month that we actually have concrete plans for. After that, it’s all up in the air.

Yesterday I came across a quote by Atticus that I’ve loved since I read it for the first time years ago. It reads, “I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life, and nothing, on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” As I read it again, in a different place in life than I had been the last time, and the time before that, it made me realize just how much I’m living the crazy, wonderful life I used to dream of. First of all, I’m exploring as much as I can when I can, whether that be by boat, car, plane, etc. Second, and more importantly, that person who wants to do everything and nothing is with me every step of the way, and wants to enjoy the excitement and new places just as much as I do. Sometimes, it takes reading an old poem to remember just how good life is right now, even when it feels a little upside down at times.

I’ve been missing the boat quite a lot recently.  I miss the water and the way sailing made me feel.  I miss the sunset dates and how Buoy would skirt around the boat as she looked for dolphins.  I miss the sunshine on our backs as we sail away and the autopilot taking over as we dance in the cockpit.  I miss it all, but I’m also extremely grateful to be where we are right now.  We’ve had so many adventures in the last week between our very long drive to Tucson, a week there, and then our trip to San Diego.  Though this isn’t the adventure we originally planned for this winter, we are still making the days count and enjoying every moment we’re given.  Now, it’s not always perfect, and not having a home base can be hard.  So can not knowing what’s to come next month, but we have the luxury of keeping our options open for now, and that’s honestly part of the fun.

Yesterday we drove to Imperial Beach and Coronado Island. We walked for what felt like hours, ran into the Pacific ocean, found shells to remember the trip by, and waited for a sunset that ended up being more clouds than anything. It. Was. Magical.

Steve and I don’t know where we’re going to live or end up, or what town we want to call home one day, but I’ve gotta say, the West Coast is on the list of possibilities.

We also found this cute co-op space with a taproom, coffeeshop, multiple restaurants, and icecream! We walked to find tacos, the place was closed, and found this cool space instead! If you go to National City, it’s the Market on 8th – so cute! One of the things we’ve noticed about living in different places is that we love being able to walk to get coffee, to the store, to get dinner. And when it’s 65 degrees or higher, you really can’t beat it.

Well, next week I’ll have to share how our first few days in Mexico were.  Until then, happy reading!


THIS WEEK (in photos):

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