Trial and Error

Welp, it’s that time of the week again.  Time for me to break open the laptop and write all of my concerns and feelings and emotions down for everyone to read.  Time for you to hear our new and old news.  Time for me to figure out how to bring something so uncertain and confusing to a light of joyfulness and positivity.

So, here it goes.

Last week we told you not only good news, but that our lovely Batland would be fixed.  This week, I come with more news, but I’ll let you decide if it’s good or bad.  When I wrote last week’s post, it was on a high of excitement to get our home back and get back on the water.  We thought we may even be going to the Keys this winter (albeit February, but still!).  Now, we are up for the winter.  Let me just say, a lot happens in a week’s time when it comes to us making plans. 

Last week, Tuesday night to be exact, we got a voicemail from the boatyard telling us that in order to get us a more accurate estimate they would have to do a “surgery” on the hull.  In other words, they wanted a $1000 down payment from us for them to sand and grind on the hull in order to see just how deep the damage is.  We felt that was a bit excessive, the price anyway, for just a bit of grinding and sanding.  So, naturally, we called the next morning to inquire what that meant and why they needed so much money for something that shouldn’t cost that much.  They basically said they couldn’t give us an exact estimate without knowing the true damage.  Okay, fair, but why so much for a down payment?  Well, they said that they didn’t want us to find out it’s too much work and the boat wasn’t worth it, and then leave them with a boat to get rid of.  We reassured them that we did not want that for them either.  After all, we don’t have the heart to just abandon our home.  So, we asked if they could just give us a ballpark estimate.  All we want is a best case scenario and worst case scenario and the price estimates for both.  They said they’d talk with their guy and call us back.  It wasn’t until the next morning that we got an email reading:

              “We cannot give an estimate to repair without further investigation of the damaged by grinding away the antifouling coating.  We will patch it for you to launch and take someplace else or you can load the boat on a trailer.”

Basically, they’re giving up on us, and kicking us out, or at least saying that they won’t be doing the work.  Talk about quality service.

So now we are planning new things.  We called our home marina, which we love, but they are booked for the winter.  We are on the books as soon as someone leaves, which will be around mid-March.  Unfortunately, this means we will be winterizing the boat and staying at the current marina for a few months.  The upside?  It’s cheaper to store there for a few months, so it’s not the worst thing ever.  We have contacted a transport company that our home marina recommends and will hopefully be making plans with them to move as soon as we get word there’s an opening. 

Here’s the sad thing:  Even when you did nothing wrong, people may still choose to not choose you.

There were a couple of red flags with this marina, like the fact that they don’t allow outside contractors in.  Now whether this be because of a superiority complex, greed, or previous history, we don’t know, but either way it is saying We have your boat, and therefore we have your business. Also, last Tuesday was the first day that their estimate guy looked at our boat.  We have been there, and asking for an estimate, for a MONTH.  I get you’re busy, but a whole month to look and then there’s still no answer?

At this point, you can tell I’m annoyed.  Believe me, I’m aware that it shows up in my writing and I apologize, sort of.  I also feel no shame for it, because when we began writing this summer, I never wanted it to be with rose colored glasses.  I wanted it to be real, honest, with true trial and error instances along with the beauty and grace of life on the water.  So truth is, writing this always makes me see just a little bit clearer.  We may not have it all figured out yet, but at least we know how we feel about it, what to be prepared for next time something like this happens or we have similar issues, and how to adjust from there.

Right now we’re planning on spending the holidays in NC and VA with family, and then heading West again to the San Diego/Baja California Mexico area.  There’s nothing set in stone, just the fact that we need to start planning!

Thanks for reading along and joining us on this wild journey.  With everything that’s happened, to the boat and in our lives the last few weeks, I still wouldn’t have it any other way.  Life is good, we just have to remember that part.

Otherwise, we had a pretty great week.  We had a “staycation” in Richmond, which I hadn’t been to since I was 4 or 5 years old.  We found the cutest (and discounted!!) Airbnb above a cute little Mexican restaurant, who’s food was AMAZING.  We ate tons of good food, drank some delicious coffee, and we got to see Steve’s cousins and visit the lightshow at the botanical gardens.  Their 18-month old kept saying “woooowwwwww,” and honestly, that’s how we grownups felt too.  It was beautiful, and we had the best time.  After all, life does go on, even when it throws a few wrenches in your plans.  We’re just lucky to have the places to stay that we do, the friends that we have, and to get to do it together.


Happy Week – enjoy every moment.


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