The Ebb and Flow of Living Aboard

This past week has been all about getting things done, quickly and in time for us to be out and back in the water from Monday to Monday.  We managed to get pretty much all that we needed to get finished done, or at least the necessary parts.  Someone from the marina yard sanded the bottom, and then we were left to do the barrier coat and two bottom coats on the hull.  There was still quite a bit of sanding to do on our own, so our faces, hair, and body were all covered in red, white, blue, or black most days.  It was… not the most fun thing we’ve ever done on the boat, but it had to be done.  So, we managed.  

Having a week to get things done, especially painting, is so tough when it comes to working with weather, other people’s schedule, work, and personal obligations like my best friend’s wedding!  We had a whole plan lined up and written out, yet that changed – but who’s really surprised about that one?  Not me.  It’s hard to not feel absolutely cluttered with things to do when it comes to a packed week, but I think our adrenaline of just getting through it got us through most days, including a night where we took a 2 hour nap and then woke up at midnight to paint another coat.  We drove 4 hours to NC, managed to clean most of the paint off of our bodies and out of our hair, get all dressed up for my childhood best friend’s wedding, and made it back in time to paint our last and final bits of the bottom before splashing back in this Monday.  It was a challenge, but we did it!  And man oh man did I jump for joy when we were finally back in the water and not on the hard anymore.  

When you’re on the hard, you are almost never barefoot because you have to wear shoes when walking around, painting, etc.  Therefore, all of the dirt that gets stuck on your shoes gets tracked through the boat.  I don’t think our cockpit, nor the saloon floor has ever been so dirty.  We vacuumed multiple times but it really wasn’t worth it, so once we got back to our slip the shoes came off and the soap and scrubbers came out.  Let’s just say it’s a lot cleaner than it was a few days ago, thank goodness.

In other news, we FINALLY got our forestay back up, hooked in, and now we just have to get our sail back and we will be like a real sailboat again!  We are so stoked to get that done, and (fingers crossed) it will be the last big thing we have to worry about for a while.

We thought about sailing North with friends for Halloween this weekend, but we’re not sure it will happen, because as always, we have a lot to do and we want to get it all done before we leave for Urbanna next week.  The thing is, once we leave Norfolk, we’re officially gone for the winter.  My car will be left at the marina until we pick it up with my parents in November while we’re there for Thanksgiving.  We will be officially en route to our winter adventure so getting everything done before hand, or at least prepped to be completed underway or on anchor, is ideal.

Clearly, there’s a lot going on, but the important thing is that we’re able to get things done and make sure we are ready for this big adventure.  We’ve put two hatches in, we’re working on a porthole (and eventually the other five also), we’ve changed our boat name and will hopefully have a naming ceremony for it this weekend, and some other little things.  Everything is coming together as we knew it would.  

It’s good to not lose sight of the happy things, as it is so easy to do so.  We’ve been stressed with the major break of our forestay, but it’s fixed.  We’ve worried about leaks, but we’ve sealed them.  We’ve questioned our dingy, and we got a new one.  Things ebb and flow and in the end, it will all work out as it should.

Happy Tuesday, world.  Enjoy!

THIS WEEK (in pictures)!

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