Heading West

Happy Tuesday!

Since we last wrote, we were in a bit of a bind.  Our forestay had snapped, and our plans had changed completely.  Well, after weighing all of our options and changing our minds on what the best plan was ten times, we finally decided to motor to Deltaville.  Our sweet friends on Knot Vanilla motored along side us for a while to make sure we were safe and didn’t need them to catch anything in the water (thank goodness).  We made it to our new dock and will be getting our stay fixed while we’re in Arizona.  We’ve gotten a lot of suggestions about what we should do, but we felt this fit our plans the best.  We are hoping to get the stay fixed and the rest of the rigging checked so that we can know if something else needs to be repaired, and if it does we will most likely do the work ourselves.  Let me just say, rigging is an expensive thing to break.

On another note, we went back to our old marina in Urbanna and saw some friends for docktails.  While there, we got on the topic of refrigeration!  We still don’t have any, so they were telling us what they used.  They, as well as other friends, have a cooler that acts as their freezer.  It can also split in half as a fridge and freezer, so we are thinking that we are going to choose that route instead of redoing our insulation, which would be much more expensive.  Steve has already taken the measurments of where we hope to put it, and we are hoping to pick one up on our drive back from AZ, or order it so it’ll be at the boat when we get home.  We are SO excited about this plan — this means we can have cold stuff and not go to the store every time we need something that’s perishable!!

For the few days we were docked in Deltaville, we found a cute cafe (Cafe By the Bay) and second hand shop (Nauti Nell’s).  I worked at the cafe for most of the day while Steve was in the library, and then went to Nauti Nell’s which had a lot of cool stuff – used boat goods and boutique-type stuff!  I got some screen to put on the hatches of the boat so that we won’t have a bug problem.  The lady working also told me about Inis.  It is a perfume brand that she uses that 1) smells delightful and 2) has citronella in it so it is a mosquito repellent!  It’s natural and from Ireland, and it was sold at the TrueValue right down the street!  Steve does not like using normal bug spray.  I mean, who really does?  So naturally, I got some!  It’s worked well so far!

Today we are on our way to Cincinatti and will make it around the time that the blog is posted, so fingers crossed for an uneventful drive and good tunes!  This is actually the first trip that we won’t be staying in an AirBnB since I met Steve.  We like supporting locals and small businesses, so staying in a hotel rarely happens.  However, we are staying in a hotel tonight (thank you credit card points!)  We are staying at a cute Bed & Breakfast in a couple nights too, which is more of a small business and local, so it’s more our speed.  We are super excited for this trip, and really can’t wait for yet another adventure and seeing family and friends along the way.

This month is going to look a bit different.  Our blog will be more of our trip than the boat, but don’t worry, mentally we’ll still be sailing ;).  We hope you stick around for all of our new adventures, and hey, maybe we’ll give you some cool spots to visit next time you do a cross country road trip!

Smooth sailing and smooth seas,


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