Boat Tour and Prep List

Welcome to our home!  It’s small, it’s well loved, and it floats!  Today you will get to see an inside peek at our liveaboard life with a very special boat tour.  We have put so much work and love into this place, and can’t wait for you to see it.  Not everything is perfectly clean or organized, and I will claim that is because it’s lived in.  We can’t have it perfect all the time, am I right?  Enjoy!

Captain Buoy is here to welcome you aboard!
This is the v-berth where we sleep. The bed is literally in the shape of a V and it’s our forward cabin.
These are our closets! This one is next to the v-berth and has a few shelves.
Pictured here is our hang up closet.
This is my cubby behind the couch where most of my clothes are. Steve has the same thing behind the other half of the couch.









This is the head (also known as the bathroom).
Fun fact: When we were on our journey to Urbanna we stuck the shower head out of the porthole and used it for a fresh water rinse after a swim!
This is our what we call our “circle couch” which is one of my favorite spots. You can also see some dried herbs hanging from the handrail and our fruit hammock!
This is the “straight couch” (creative names, we know) where Steve normally works, as well as the navigation table. It’s clearly not the neatest area of the boat, but it holds a lot of our tools, extra parts, and things we need on a daily basis!
Behind the sliding glass doors are condiments, seasonings, and food!
This is the galley (kitchen) where we make coffee in the mornings, cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything else in between.
We put the stove in this year, and my dad made us the cover over the sink that doubles as a cutting board and platter!
Last but not least, this is the aft berth, which is mainly storage and another spot for Buoy to sleep if she doesn’t get comfortable enough on either of the two couches. There’s more storage in the closet on the right, and under the cushions. Our zodiac and stand up paddle board are both inflatable so they remain here when deflated.

We know it’s nothing fancy, it’s simple, but that’s really all we need. We were talking the other day and I mentioned to Steve that most people picture having a boat as this extravagant adventure.  Well, it is an adventure, but extravagant? Nope, not to us.  It’s lovely and quaint, but it’s mostly simple.  Steve then said, “The simpler things are, the less likely they are to break, and the easier it is to fix if they do.”  I very quickly scrambled to find my notebook and write that down because it’s true – that’s our life now.  You can live wonderfully and still live simply, and, as you can see from the pictures, “simple” describes our home pretty well.

Though most things are simple, that doesn’t exempt us from having things to work on all the time.  As most boat owners know, the to-do list never ends. There’s always something that needs to be repaired, replaced, or redone.  Before our adventure to Urbanna, we had a lot of things we wanted to get done, and some things we needed to.  We also have a July List that we’re working through while we’re docked here.  Due to our jib malfunction on our trip, we’ve added yet another task to the growing list.  The good thing is, we don’t mind doing most of it, and we can help each other out with whatever task we’re working on that day.

Here’s a few things off of the list we completed before we came to Urbanna:

  • Install Stove/Oven
  • Install y-valve
  • Install Bimini zippers
  • Install and hook up Solar panels
  • Install netting
  • Clean/Organize
  • Oil teak in cabin
  • Reseal porthole
  • Clean water filter

Here’s our growing list of things we plan to do in July while in Urbanna:

  • Fix jib
  • Install wind vein
  • Install chart plotter
  • Make and install propane locker
  • Repair bimini tear
  • Strip, sand, and varnish outside wood

Clearly, the list never ends, and we will probably have to give ourselves grace on the July to-do list.  Life happens, and sometimes we just aren’t able to complete all of the things we want to, and that will just have to be okay.  Steve has started a new job, I’m trying to figure out how to do the whole “blogging” thing, and Buoy is really just living her best life because we’re both home most of the time.  We are doing what we can while we can, and I’m okay with that.  I think that the world has sculpted us to believe that we must do everything quickly and flawlessly, without failure.  That is NOT plausible.  That’s something I’ve had to figure out, especially when I quit my first big girl job, started nannying, and now my job is this.  You have to just let life happen to you and enjoy the hell out of it on the way.  So, with all that being said, our list will continue to grow and tasks will continue to be checked off, but the important thing is that we get to do this life once and we are living on our boat with our dog and enjoying the heck out of it.  Your big joy may not look anything like ours, but I hope you find it (or let it find you) and embrace it.

I’m really glad you stopped by Mentally Sailing again today, talk soon.


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  1. That’s my girl, got to love her! Love reading your blog!I tried to teach you, life is what you make it,so make it great!!!so happy to see that what you two are doing!!all you need is love!!!

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